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In and about Dorset we play pubs, halls and festivals as well as folk and music clubs.

About Us

The band formed in late 2016 to fulfil a ‘contractual obligation’ at the White Horse in Swanage in January 2017. Comprising of four Folk Orc friends (see below profiles) rehearsals were convened and with help from Chris Hopgood and Roy Clayton the band performed their first gig on 14th January 2017 supporting Chris & Roy. We are all still friends!!

Meet the band

Roger Folkwit


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Roger Folkwit came into being; nobody knows why. As the youngest member of the Folkwits Roger has to provide the energy and astonishing good looks to cover for the rest of the band. Roger has been playing guitar (badly) from a very early age and singing averagely and publicly, as a cherubic soprano from an even earlier time. Deciding he needed a new sound Roger asked good friend Robin Greenwood to make a Mandocello with extra loudness. Robin exceeded expectations. Roger believes that it is this that gives the Folkwits their distinctive sound.

Barnabus Folkwit

Tenor Guitar
Bass Guitar

Born in 1871 in London's East End. After a childhood career of ‘Bareknuckle Biffing’ in the back-alleys, brothels and opium dens of Limehouse, Barnabus decided that his true talent lay in music … he was wrong … but no one has the courage to tell him!! He also decided that having a magnificent beard and smoking rum-soaked tobacco in a briar pipe from the age of three improved his singing … he was wrong … (see above). Barnabus believes that it’s his Tenor guitar and Bass guitar that gives the Folkwits their distinctive sound.

Emmy Folkwit


Aunt Emmy Folkwit brings many precious things to the Folkwits' band including; Tea, Parasols, Waistcoats and Top hats. Occasionally she also brings vocals, fiddle and harmonica. It is said that she first appeared in the dark alleyways of Victorian London, but no one knows for sure … it is also rumoured that after a successful career in organising Bareknuckle Biffing in the back-alleys, brothels and opium dens of Limehouse, Emmy eloped to the coast with a handsome, bearded strongman. Emmy believes that it is her Guinness soaked voice and tea that gives the Folkwits their distinctive sound.

Dolores Folkwit


Dolores Folkwit is from Kent and was once the May Queen of Bickley so brings a little bit of poshness to the band unlike the much older Roger Folkwit who's said to have been her bit of rough for nearly 100 years. Following an unfortunate accident with a pole that ended her dancing career she decided to learn to play the fiddle. Dolores loves being in a band but constantly worries that there are still people she hasn't told about it. She feels her lack of musical awareness and the regular partaking of rum sniffing helps give the Folkwits their distinctive sound.

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Due to success playing local pubs, clubs and festivals the Folkwits will be going into the studio this Autumn to record their first album. Watch this space for more exciting developments.

Whatever your age or your ability we give you the chance to start playing music

The Folk Orc wants one thing, and that is to get more people playing music. In particular, we want to get more people playing music together. To that end, we run regular sessions, open sessions and workshops that are as inclusive as we can possibly be.

Small Family Run Festival

Already labelled as one of the friendliest festivals, it’s small, intimate and run by Nick, Keith, Helen and their families on their farm.

The Circus is coming to Wickham Festival

This year there will be four stages at Wickham Festival. So as well as established artists, there will be plenty of opportunities to listen to up and coming young talent who are given the chance to showcase their talents.

Welcome to Wimborne Minster Folk Festival

In the second weekend of June, we will be bringing the town alive with an exciting mix of music & dance. You can wander through Wimborne and enjoy any of the free shows, or buy tickets to see one of our headline acts.

A small festival on the beautiful Jurassic Coastline.

It features original young folk roots and world music. We encourage up and coming musicians too as well as booking national and international folk acts and a good variety of local music.

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